Treatment Cost Estimator + Provider Search

Connecting you to the complete picture

Health care costs can vary widely from provider to provider—even for the same service. We want you to be smarter about how you spend your health care dollars.

Our powerful, “all-in-one” treatment cost estimator and provider search tool1 lets you shop for health care just like you do for anything else. You can compare costs of services, facilities and doctors to see the complete picture and make the decision that’s right for you.

How does the tool work?

You can use the all-in-one tool to:

  • Search for and compare doctors and services side-by-side to find one that meets your needs
  • Get out-of-pocket cost estimates for procedures based on your health benefits and claims
  • Share the information with your doctor and discuss the treatment option that’s right for you.

Plus, the tool determines the services, timelines, and costs for a complete treatment of care—from diagnosis through follow-up. It even shows the medications you’ll need.

So whether you’re looking for a doctor, the cost of your upcoming surgery, or a treatment timeline, this tool can help you plan ahead and find affordable, quality care.

Find what you need fast

The tool features a single, dynamic search bar. So whether you’re looking for a doctor, treatment, facility, service or health condition, the results will return all the relevant information you need at once. View the results from your computer or mobile device.

out of pocket on mobile

Cost-Search Example

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
In the following example the member is searching for nearby facilities that offer MRI services. The search results show that:

  1. The average total cost of the service at one particular facility is $798.
  2. The member’s estimated out-of-pocket cost would be $476 based on her benefits. (In this example, the member has $500 annual deductible, which must be met before insurance begins to pay for services. She has already paid $24 toward the deductible.)

Treatment Timeline Example

Meniscus Conditions (Damage to Cartilage in the Knee)
The treatment timeline gives you an understanding of your entire episode of care, from evaluation to follow-up--personalized with your specific plan details. In the following example for non-surgical treatment of meniscus conditions you can see that:

  1. The estimated timeframe for the entire episode of care is 71 days
  2. The amount the member is responsible for paying is $25 based on their benefits
  3. Tufts Health Plan would cover the average total cost2 minus the amount you’re responsible for paying

screen shot of timeline example
  1. Does not apply to Tufts Health Direct, Tufts Health RITogether, Tufts Health Together, Tufts Health Unify, Medicare plans, or CareLink members searching for care outside of MA, RI, and NH.
  2. This is just an example. All average costs are based on historical claims data from Tufts Health Plan.