Mind the Moment

An innovative mindfulness training program

Since 2005, Mind the Moment has been offering mindfulness education to organizations and the public—bringing mindfulness to hundreds of companies, and tens of thousands of individuals.

Weekly Mindfulness Sessions

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, experiment with short bursts of mindfulness instruction, followed by mini meditations, led by our team of expert instructors.

All our guided mindfulness sessions allow attendees to interact with our instructors using Zoom’s “chat” feature. The Wednesday sessions, however, invite attendees to turn on their webcams in order to communicate directly with the instructors, for an even more interactive experience.

Please note that Tufts Health Plan is not responsible for the availability, privacy or security of the Zoom platform. We recommend that you use caution when sharing any personal or identifying information with online meeting applications, including any interactive features.

Access past mindfulness sessions any time by visiting the Mind the Moment YouTube Channel.


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8:30-9:00 A.M. ET
PASSCODE: 203720

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Free Mindfulness Resources for Pain
  • Best practices and cutting-edge research on how mindfulness can help with chronic pain.
  • Stories of healing, practices for working with pain, and a look at the relevant research.
  • Available in text and audio versions.
  • Available in English and Spanish.
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