Mind the Moment in the Workplace

An innovative mindfulness training program

Mind the Moment provides mindfulness education, consulting services, coaching, and tools to effectively bring mindfulness to your employees. Virtual and in-person options are available. Our programming is designed to support all employees, but we also offer programming focused on supporting:

  • Leaders and executives
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Behavioral health
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives

Highlighted offerings

Building Anti-Racist Skills Through Mindful Listening

This two-part course teaches participants how they can use the skills of mindful listening as a foundation for supporting productive conversations around race and social justice. Participants directly experience how the mode of mindful listening helps promote trust, drive a conversation forward, and allow viewpoints to be expressed in a meaningful way.

“This course was life-changing. It has begun to change the way I see myself conversing with others, and I already notice a difference in the way others are reacting. I cannot say enough positive things about this experience.”

“The fact that our organization not only offers these resources, but encourages and supports employees to participate, is truly the mark of a great company and one that practices what it preaches.”

Untangling Challenging Emotions: An Introduction to Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

When intense emotional experiences begin to pile up, they can become overwhelming—we may feel withdrawn, isolated, and unable to bring our best selves to our families, our communities, and our work. Using findings from cognitive therapy, neuroscience, and especially mindfulness practice, this course introduces participants to tools they can use right away to address intense emotional states as soon as they arise….and whenever they arise. 

“The instructor was amazing. He created a safe space, and was open to anything anyone was willing to share. His responses were genuine, honest, and very helpful.” 

“The instructor was able to provide a community feel to the group. We entered the class at different points in our journey, yet it felt like we were all in this exploration together.”


“I have watched the Mind the Moment program grow from a passion project by a small group of dedicated practitioners to a major force for delivering authentic, credible and coherent mindfulness trainings all over the country. With so much suffering evident in the modern workplace, it is vital that we have programs that can address these concerns while staying true to the foundational principles that have always given mindfulness its transformative potential. As one of the pioneers in providing mindfulness-based interventions in the workplace, Mind the Moment remains on the forefront of programs accomplishing just that.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn
Founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society

“Working with patients and other doctors, I’ve witnessed the life-changing impacts of mindfulness training—yet I’ve also seen how challenging it can be to deliver such training effectively. I’ve known Mind the Moment to embrace that challenge, and show real leadership in designing flexible, innovative programs that evolve alongside individual needs. As a presenter and partner, I’ve seen firsthand how Mind the Moment skillfully combines the intimacy of in-person instruction with the latest innovations in digital therapeutics, in order to bring mindfulness to individuals struggling with chronic conditions, as well as clinicians in need of tools to build resilience and avoid burn-out.”

Judson A. Brewer, MD PhD
Director of Research and Innovation at the Brown University Mindfulness Center, author of Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind. 

“Mind the Moment has inspired countless employees to be more mindful and even start a regular practice. What sets them apart is that they are able to help others intrinsically understand the rewards of mindfulness and meditation through the way they embody what it is like to be present.”

Sun Life Financial

“Mind the Moment is outstanding in their approach to mindfulness, making it accessible and valuable to everyone, including senior leaders. They have developed a national reputation for their work within various organizations and have been instrumental in our work in mindfulness at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, for which the organization is grateful.”

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 

“Mind the Moment has been nothing short of sensational to work with. They effortlessly connect with participants and are able to find the perfect balance between science and research, and the values-driven qualities inherent in mindfulness and meditation.”

Harvard University Health Services



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