Chronic Conditions

Do you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, heart or respiratory disease?

How can our Chronic Conditions Program help you?

  • You will receive telephonic coaching from a Nurse Care Manager at your convenience
  • We will coordinate care with your physicians to help ensure you’re following your treatment plan
  • We will help you understand:
    • your blood sugar and blood pressure
    • signs and symptoms of complications and when to call the doctor
    • medication uses and side effects
    • dietary restrictions
  • We will assist with monitoring devices (scales, glucometers, blood pressure cuffs, oxygen) and parameters specific to your treatment plan
  • You will receive disease-specific educational materials, available in multiple languages
  • Help in preparing for MD visits
  • We will help address behavioral health issues that may be impacting your physical health and refer you to one of our experienced Behavioral Health Care Managers
  • We will assist in having conversations with you that facilitate life planning, setting goals, and communicating these goals to your families, significant others and providers
  • We can help with long-term planning and implementing important documents associated with your health care decisions such as health care proxies

What do your benefits cover (Medications? Durable medical equipment? Lab work? Inpatient/outpatient care?)

If you have questions about your benefit coverage, please check your Evidence of Coverage Document (EOC) on or call our member services number on the back of your ID Card.

Have a medical concern and not sure what to do?

You have options to access the care you need when you need it:

  • Contact your Primary Care Physician (PCP) or specialist to help manage your treatment plan. If you don’t have a physician, please use our convenient provider directory to find a doctor in your network to help manage your care
  • Reach out to one of our compassionate and experienced Nurse Care Managers for your medical condition during business hours at 888.766.9818 ext. 53532
  • Call one of our Behavioral Health Care Managers to help address behavioral health issues that may be impacting your physical health during business hours at 800.208.9565
  • Register for telehealth, powered by Teladoc® to access U.S. board certified doctors or therapists by web, phone, or mobile app – 24/7/365 at
young woman speaking with doctor
Behavioral Health

We can help you understand your behavioral health benefits and get access to care

If you or a family member suffer from behavioral health issues that could be impacting your physical health, our Behavioral Health Care Managers can provide support.

Learn More

Diabetes, heart, or respiratory videos

Register or Login to to access relevant short videos to help manage your condition, including:

  • Diabetes: Planning Your Next Steps
  • How Others Manage Diabetes
  • Coronary Artery Disease: Moving Forward
  • COPD: Clearing Your Lungs
  1. Please check your Evidence of Coverage (EOC) on for coverage since your employer may be a self-insured Commercial group who needs to opt-in to this program. Telehealth is not available for members with Tufts Health Direct, Tufts Health RITogether, Tufts Health Together, Tufts Health Unify, or Medicare plans.