Behavioral Health Programs and Resources

Tufts Health Plan offers several programs and resources to support you and your loved ones.

Our integrated approach to care allows us to help you improve both your physical and mental well-being for the best outcomes. We offer a variety of care programs, specialized provider and partner programs, and self-service tools.

Care management programs

Tufts Health Plan’s care managers work with you and your provider to support your behavioral health needs. They help you overcome barriers, connect you with resources and services, locate participating providers, create an aftercare plan, explain your benefits and condition, and work with you to find solutions to any difficulties with the treatment plan.

Care Management is available to any member who needs a little extra help or information managing their condition. We offer the following care management programs:

Care coordination

This care coordination program provides members and/or care givers with education, support, and guidance to lead healthy lifestyles. It also offers integrated behavioral health care management services for members with co-existing medical and behavioral health conditions. The program has a holistic approach  to address any behavioral health issues that may be impacting physical health.

Complex Care

The Behavioral Health Complex Care Program helps adults and children with complex behavioral health conditions regain optimal health and improved functioning in their preferred natural setting. A comprehensive assessment guides the development and implementation of a care plan with goals prioritized by the member/guardian to help the member meet their goals and self-manage their conditions.

Addiction Recovery

Our Addiction Recovery Care Management provides support to members who are taking the first steps in recovery from substance use. The program works with members who have recently entered or completed acute treatment or have needed medical care for a substance use-related illness. A Peer Recovery  Specialist and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor work with members to create a personalized recovery plan and provide information on treatment programs and community supports.

Transition to Home

Going home after a hospital stay can be challenging. We offer our Transition to Home Program as a resource to our members who have been recently hospitalized and need extra help to get back on their feet, follow through with their aftercare plans, or address any questions they may have.

Emergency Department (ED) Readmission Diversion

The ED Aftercare Program is designed to reduce unnecessary ED use by assigning a care manager to work with members who have made repeated visits with behavioral health or medical symptoms. The care manager will provide support, offer appropriate services, and assist with crisis planning to help the member better address situations that do not require a visit to the ED.

Self-service Tools

Virtual therapy services

  • Telehealth provided by Teladoc: From talk therapy to medication management, Teladoc1 licensed providers are here to support you and your dependents with concerns such as anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder, or PTSD by video or phone visit. Appointments are confirmed in less than 72 hours, and you can set up your account at
  • Valera Health: Valera Health offers virtual therapy and psychiatry services for adults, children aged 6 and older, and adolescents in Massachusetts. From mild depression to severe schizophrenia, Valera Health’s expert clinicians have a collaborative approach focused on your needs and overall wellbeing. You can schedule a consultation with a Valera Health connector at

Quick and easy access to specialty providers for adults and children

  • Cortica: A physician-led autism services provider in Massachusetts that offers advanced neurological therapies for children with  autism spectrum disorder and other developmental differences. They provide a whole-child integrated care model which aims to significantly reduce wait times for diagnostic assessments, medical care, applied behavior analysis, developmental therapies, and counseling. Families interested in receiving services can visit to schedule an appointment or call (888) 885-5068.
  • Transformations Care Network: A network of outpatient mental health clinics in Massachusetts that provide timely access to quality psychiatry and therapy services for adults, children, and adolescents. The network offers a combination of in-person and telehealth services, breaking down barriers to quality care to best serve your needs and provide excellent outcomes. Visit to make an appointment.

Substance use disorder (SUD)

Aware Recovery Care

Aware Recovery Care offers an innovative In-Home Addiction Treatment model based on research that suggests integrated medical and behavioral care, as well as compassionate monitoring in the home, can promote lasting recovery from addiction. This member-centered treatment plan is delivered through a combination of virtual and in-home visits, utilizing vetted technologies and evidence-based treatments to maximize clinical and  medical outcomes and minimize risks. Treatment and care coordination is provided by a licensed nurse or social worker, and a team is designed to meet individual needs. The benefits of individual and group therapy, as well as in-home and in-clinic care, are utilized throughout the entire treatment process. For more information, visit

Spectrum Health

A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by substance use, opioid addiction, and/or mental health disorders. They offer a range of evidence-based treatment options, including inpatient detoxification, residential treatment, medication for substance use disorders, outpatient counseling, and peer recovery support. They also operate residential programs for adolescents and young adults committed to the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. For more information, visit


An SUD organization who is changing the healthcare system so the 40 million people suffering from addiction have access to quality treatment that’s based on science — just like treatment for any other disease. to find out what type of addiction treatment is right for you or a loved one, visit

  1. Telehealth virtual health care services (provided by Teladoc®) are available to Tufts Health Plan commercial members (not including Tufts Health Direct) that have this benefit. Cost share may apply. If you’re not sure whether your plan includes Telehealth by Teladoc please ask your employer.

    Member cost sharing may apply. Members should refer to their plan documents for details.

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