Nutrition + Weight Management Perks

Helping you reach your healthy eating goals

As an incentive to our members to get fit and stay healthy, Tufts Health Plan offers a number of opportunities to save on programs and tools to help you eat healthy and manage your weight.

DASH for Health | The Dinner Daily | Jenny Craig® | Nutritional Counseling

DASH for Health

The DASH For Health program is an online program dedicated to helping you eat better, exercise better and lose weight. With customized meal plans to help you get started, twice-weekly email tips, tracking tools for weight, food and exercise, and hundreds of recipes, you will eat better, feel better and improve your health - all while eating the foods you love.

All nutrition advice is based on the DASH Diet—a diet with more scientific proof behind it than any other eating plan. The DASH Diet is a well-balanced, easy-to-understand way of eating that gives you lots of choices, and it is scientifically proven to help you lose weight and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In fact, the DASH diet is so well regarded, it is recommended by the USDA, the American Heart Association and it has been rated the #1 Overall Diet by US News & World Report for seven years in a row!

Tufts Health Plan members can sign up for the DASH for Health program for $34.50 for a 6 month subscription (50% off the regular subscription rate).

Go to and enter coupon code: thp to take advantage of this special offer.

The Dinner Daily

The Dinner Daily makes healthy, delicious dinners easy and affordable by providing you with weekly dinner plans customized for your food preferences, dietary needs, and the specials at your local grocery store! Dinner Daily members can save $1,200 or more each year on grocery costs, for less than $1 a week. Eat better dinners, save money and make dinners easy.

Members receive 25% off on any Dinner Daily subscription – you’ll pay as little as 70 cents per week! And you’ll save many times that on your grocery costs. Plus, your first two weeks are free to make it easy to try.

How The Dinner Daily works

  • When you subscribe, each week you’ll receive a plan for five delicious, easy-to-make dinners. You’ll also get an organized, editable shopping list to make shopping easy.
  • You simply select your food preferences and dietary needs, your meal plan size (2-6 people) and tell The Dinner Daily where you shop. You can easily adjust your weekly menu in seconds, and can change any of your preferences at any time.
  • Go to and use CODE THP25 to receive your discount – 25% off on any Dinner Daily subscription.

Jenny Craig®

Lose up to 16 lbs in just 4 weeks1 with Rapid Results™ by Jenny Craig.
Rapid Results™ leverages the innovative science of the Circadian Rhythm, which was awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine.

Special Offer from Tufts Health Plan: Free 3 month program2 (food not included) + $100 in Food Savings (purchase required) OR save 50% off our premium programs3 (food cost separate)

Here's how Jenny Craig works:

  • Dedicated Personal Consultant: Jenny Craig includes a weight loss consultant to help you reach your goal. Together, you’ll create a customized weight loss plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.
  • Delicious Food: Enjoy around 100 chef-crafted Jenny Craig foods in flavors you’ll love. You get to eat 6 times a day so you’re always satisfied. Each meal and snack is conveniently prepared for you, no prep or cooking required.
  • Real Results: Lose more weight than dieting on your own†

Get started today!

Visit OR call 877.536.6970 to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.

Nutritional counseling

Proper nutrition is essential for optimum body function and disease prevention. Whether it's help to lose weight, or improve dietary intake, you and your plan dependents are eligible to receive a 25% discount on unlimited visits with our participating registered dieticians and licensed nutritionists.

How it works:

  • To receive your 25% discount on unlimited office visits, just make an appointment with a Tufts Health Plan network registered dietician or licensed nutritionist and show your member ID card at the time of payment.4
  • Discount applies to the provider's standard fee and cannot be combined with other special offers, promotions or discounts.
  • Nutritional counseling discounts are in addition to any medically necessary nutritional counseling Plan benefit offered by most employers.
  • To check if you have nutritional counseling Plan benefit coverage, login to your secure account.
  • If you or one of your plan dependents requires medically necessary nutritional counseling, we urge you to work with your Primary Care Provider.
  • Your registered dietician or licensed nutritionist may refer you to your Primary Care Provider if a potential medical condition warrants your doctor's attention.
  1. First 4 weeks only. Avg. weight loss in study was 11.6 lbs for those who completed the program.
  2. Valid for 3-month membership. Discount split over 10 consecutive weeks with weekly full menus ave. $156 (before discount) Active program enrollment and eligibility status required, which includes meeting with a consultant weekly and adhering to the full Jenny Craig meal plan. Any shipping costs are extra. Food cost subject to change. Discount to be used in $10 increments, weekly over 12 consecutive weeks. Full menu adherence required for food discount. Valid only at participating centers and JCA. Not valid at No cash value. Not valid with any other food offers or discounts. One offer per person. 
  3. 50% discount on enrollment and/or membership fees for eligible premium programs. Weekly full menus ave. $156 (before any discount) and any shipping costs are not included. Food cost subject to change. Active program enrollment and eligibility status required, which includes meeting with a consultant weekly and adhering to the full Jenny Craig meal plan. No cash value. Not valid with any other offer or discounts. Only available at participating locations and Jenny Craig Anywhere. Not valid at
  4. Payment must be received at time of visit.

    This information has been provided by the vendors above and has not been independently confirmed by Tufts Health Plan.

    Check with your health care provider regarding any health or medical condition before beginning any new treatment, exercise, or nutrition regimen.