Where to Fill Your Prescriptions

You have options when filling prescriptions

Retail locations

Go to any of the 68,000 participating retail pharmacies in the CVS Caremark® network to obtain most covered medications. These include retail chain stores, independent pharmacies, and designated specialty pharmacies, in addition to CVS Pharmacy® locations.


Use the CVS Caremark® mail-order pharmacy service for most covered maintenance medications. Maintenance medications are those you refill each month for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma.

Please note - Select Network plans: Members of our Select plans are required to fill most of their maintenance medications through the CVS Caremark® mail-order pharmacy service to receive coverage. With mail order, Select plan members can fill a prescription for any one maintenance medication two times at a retail pharmacy, but will then receive coverage for the prescription through the CVS Caremark® mail-order service only.

In general, mail-order service is not recommended for medications that are dispensed in limited quantities, because prescriptions for these medications are typically dispensed in less than a 90-day supply.

Designated specialty pharmacies

Fill prescriptions for designated specialty medications at participating designated specialty pharmacies.