5 Important Things to Know about Asthma

If you have asthma, here are 5 important things you should know:

  1. You can control your asthma.

    • You don’t need to miss school, sports or other events.
  2. Asthma is a disease that makes the airways in your lungs inflamed and swollen.

    • During an asthma flare-up (attack), your airways are swollen and sensitive.
    • You can control the swelling with medicine, and by staying away from things that bother your airways.
    • Things that bother your airways are called "triggers."
    • Triggers cause asthma flare-ups.
    • Smoke, pollen, dust and exercise can be triggers.
    • Every person with asthma has different triggers.
    • Learn how to avoid your triggers and prevent flare-ups.
    • Medicine taken before exercise can help prevent your asthma from flaring up.
  3. Work with your PCP to manage your asthma.

    • Know what to do every day to avoid flare-ups.
    • Know what to do right away if you have a flare-up.
  4. If someone you care for or live with has asthma, don’t smoke.

    • Smoke is a common trigger and can cause asthma to flare up.
    • We can help you quit smoking by connecting you to a smoking-cessation program.
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