Welcome to Tufts Health RITogether

Our plan, covers these services in full:

  • Visits to doctors and specialists 
  • Prescriptions 
  • Eye exams 
  • Telehealth* services

PLUS our plan offers EXTRAS: 

  • Kids, teens and adults can earn Shaw’s supermarket or Target store gift cards for having yearly checkups
  • Members with diabetes can earn a $25 Shaw’s supermarket gift card for getting five screening tests
  • Members can get up to $50 back on gym fees or fitness activities
  • Eligible members can get a $25 Target gift card to use toward a child’s car or booster seat

Members must meet certain rules to get EXTRAS. They also must fill out EXTRAS forms and send the forms to us. To learn more, see your Tufts Health RITogether Member Handbook.

Health News

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Provider Directory

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*The plan covers telehealth visits with network providers. Telehealth is when you get health care services by phone, video or another technology from your primary care provider or a specialist. It does not include emails, faxes or automated vision programs. Call your provider to see if they offer telehealth visits.

Questions? Call our Member Services team.

You can count on us to do more and go further to support your healthcare journey.