Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder

More than a third of adults are addicted to alcohol or drugs of some kind.

woman looking out window.

That means many of us have or know someone with a substance use disorder.

Addiction is treatable, and we can help.

We’re here for you. With help and support.

We cover office visits, medications and treatment programs. We can help you find the right recovery program, close by. If you struggle with substance use disorder, get help now.

Helpful information from Tufts Health Plan

To learn more about these and other alcohol and substance use disorder conditions, visit our online health guide.

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The CARE Act

In 2018, Massachusetts lawmakers passed the CARE Act, an act that expands treatment for people who suffer from opioid addiction. Under the law, Tufts Health Direct members can:

  • Request less than the prescribed amount of a schedule II narcotic substance.
  • Return to the same pharmacy within 30 days to fill the rest of their partially filled prescription without incurring any additional costs.