Children's Health

Taking care of your child's special health needs is a big job. We’re here to help.

Be wise: Immunize…and get a reward!

Make sure you stay current on your child’s shots because they can help keep kids healthy. Shots protect your child from harmful diseases like measles, chickenpox and hepatitis A and B.

There is a schedule for childhood shots, which you should follow with your pediatrician’s guidance. For example, the shot for chickenpox is due when your child is 15 to 18 months old. 

Childhood shots are safe. We will even help take the sting out of your child’s shots by giving you a gift card when your child gets all necessary shots by his or her second birthday. If your adolescent gets the recommended adolescent immunizations by age 13, he or she can earn a $10 gift card.

Questions to ask your child's primary care provider (PCP) during a visit:

  • Does my child need a shot?
  • When is the next shot due?
  • When should I bring my child back to see you?
  • When I get my child home after getting shots, what should I watch for or call you about?
  • Can my child still get a shot when he or she is sick?

How to get your gift card:

  • Print an EXTRAS Reward Form (PDF)
  • Fill out the information and have your child’s PCP sign the form.
  • Keep a copy of the form for your records.
  • Mail the completed form to:

Tufts Health Plan
Attn: Claims Department
1 Wellness Way
Canton, MA 02021-1166

Please note:

  • Your child must be a Tufts Health Together member when each visit takes place, and when we process your order.
  • You should get your gift card in six to eight weeks.
  • Members can get one gift card every 12 months.

Behavioral health services

We also cover services that treat behavioral health issues that may affect your child, including mental health and/or substance use problems. MassHealth launched improved screenings and assessments for behavioral health, and created new behavioral health services. For more information, please see the Important Notice about MassHealth Behavioral Health Services for Children and Youths under Age 21.