Get the Most Out of Your Treatment

You play a vital role in your treatment for dependence on alcohol or other drugs (substance use disorder or “SUD”).

If you have just been newly diagnosed with SUD, these steps will support your recovery:

  • You will need to make 3 follow up care appointments with a behavioral health specialist (not your PCP):
    • Make sure you have an in-person or telehealth follow up care appointment for treatment within 14 days of your diagnosis.
    • You will need to make and keep two additional appointments for treatment within 34 days of your first follow up appointment.
  • The appointments can be either in-person, through telehealth (telephone/ virtual) or home-based therapy.
  • Identify and talk with your provider about any problems that may affect your ability to start and continue treatment (such as: remembering your appointments, transportation).
  • There are options available to help you start and continue treatment and receive support. You can ask your provider to refer you to a peer recovery specialist and/or care manager, or to help you find community-based supports.