Family support and training (FS&T)

Services for a parent/caregiver may include:

  • Education, coaching and training
  • Assistance with child-serving systems (e.g., Departments of Children and Families, Mental Health and Youth Services)
  • Help finding peer/parent support and self-help groups
  • Help identifying formal and community resources (e.g., after-school programs, food assistance and summer camps)

Family support and training services are hub-dependent, meaning they require referral from a clinical-hub provider — an outpatient or in-home therapy provider — who coordinates the child's or teen’s care and works together with other service providers. FS&T services are also provided in conjunction with intensive care coordination services within the community service agency. FS&T does not require prior authorization.

FS&T providers can call 888-257-1985 (TTY: 711) for more information.

To find an FS&T provider or Intensive Care Coordination Agency in your area, visit our Find a Doctor, Hospital, or Pharmacy tool:

  • Select Mental Health and/or Substance use tab
  • Go to: “Are you looking for a doctor or hospital,” and select “I’m not sure”
  • Select a type of service from the drop-down list:
    • Family Support and Training OR
    • Intensive Care Coordination