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November 16, 2022  

Tufts Health Plan is switching to OptumRx. See what it means for you.

A better way to get the medications you need.

September 30, 2022  

Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services Remain a Priority in Massachusetts

Women Can Still Get the Care They Need

September 06, 2022  

Protect Your Health

Flu Season and Immunizations

June 15, 2022  

Dealing with the formula shortage

We know that the shortage of baby formula is stressful for many parents.

November 04, 2021  

You could get thousands of dollars in federal money.

Individuals and families could get thousands of dollars in federal money.

October 12, 2021  

How the Philips Device Recall May Affect You

In June 2021, Philips Respironics recalled certain sleep apnea and ventilator devices.

October 07, 2021  

CHANTIX 0.5 miligram and 1 miligram Tablets

On September 16, 2021, Pfizer, the manufacturer of Chantix®, expanded their recall to include all lots of the drug.

September 28, 2021  

Keep Your Teen Healthy

Adolescents or teens (ages 13-18) are often very healthy. That may be one reason this age group is less likely to have well care visits with their primary care provider (PCP).

August 17, 2021  

The Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet!

Here’s How to Stay Healthy and Informed

October 30, 2020  

Proteja a sua saúde

Tome a sua vacina anual contra a gripe

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