Transform your health this summer

Healthy habits made fun

June 13, 2023  

Want to feel your best this summer? Our Good Measures program can help!
Good Measures can help you:

  • Manage your weight
  • Improve your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  • Better manage a health condition
  • Learn how to eat for better sleep and more energy

As part of the program, you can work with a registered dietitian to create a personal plan just for you. You’ll also have an app that helps you track your progress. Your coach can also give you recipes for healthier versions of your favorite meals.

Now is a great time to make healthy eating a habit. And since the program is part of your Tufts Health RITogether benefits, there is no cost to you!

To learn more or sign up, visit Or call us at 844-398-9510.
*Tufts Health Plan has a minority ownership interest in Good Measures.