How to See a Primary Care Provider

Guidance to choose a PCP and schedule an appointment

February 21, 2023  

Your health care starts with you. A primary care provider (PCP) gets to know you and looks after your health overall. Here’s some guidance to help you choose a PCP and schedule an appointment.

Know What You Need

You should choose the provider who works for you. Read through this list before you start searching. These factors can help you make your choice. 

  • Convenient location
    • Do you want a provider close to home or close to work?
    • Do you need a provider that is accessible by public transportation?
  • Hours that work for your schedule
  • Friendly, helpful staff that speak your language
  • Convenient ways to reach a provider 
    • Many providers can be reached online or by phone and may offer telehealth visits. 

Know What Type of PCP You Need

Before you search, think about what type of provider could work for your needs. 

Family Physician

A physician who treats people of all ages 


A physician who treats infants, children, adolescents, and young adults


A physician who treats people for primary care and common and complex issues


A physician who specializes in treating women of childbearing age

Physician Assistant

A provider who treats people under the supervision of a licensed doctor

Nurse Practitioner

An independent advance practice nurse who treats people of all ages

Select “Doctors by Specialty” to search for these PCP types on our search tool. Or, if you just prefer to search for a PCP by location, you can do that too.

Search Our Provider Network

Next, use our online search tool to find an in-network provider. When you search, keep these things in mind: 

  1. Make sure you select your plan, Tufts Health RITogether, in the top-right corner. Different plans have different provider networks. 
  2. Check whether the provider is accepting new patients. 
  3. Read the provider listing for the provider’s practice location, hours of operation, specialties, special needs experience, gender, and languages spoken. 
  4. From time to time, a provider’s information may have changed. Please contact a provider’s office to confirm the most up-to-date information.  

Need help searching for a provider? Give us a call at 866-738-4116 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. We’re happy to help.

Call the PCP’s Office

Finally, call the PCP’s office. Ask these important questions – just to double check what you already learned:

  1. Are they accepting new patients?
  2. Do they accept Tufts Health RITogether (RI Medicaid)? 
  3. How do you schedule a first visit or checkup? If you’re ready, go ahead and schedule it now!

If they answer “yes” to questions 1 and 2, you should be all set to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. But if you are turned away, call us to let us know! Discrimination against Medicaid members is not allowed.

Let Us Know 

Now sign in to your member portal or call us at 866-738-4116 to share your new PCP. We’ll update our records with the new name. 

After you get your yearly checkup, let us know by filling out an EXTRAS Reward Form. We’ll send you your choice of a $25 supermarket gift card or a fitness band!