Need help getting medicaid?

How to get covered

Health care is hard. Health insurance is harder. Health insurance through the government must be hardest of all, right?

Not necessarily. Tufts Health Plan is here to share the basics behind Medicaid health coverage in Rhode Island. We’ll break down where and how to apply, how long it all takes and what you should think about along the way.

We’ll give you solid knowledge so you can approach the process with confidence.

Getting ready to apply

Medicaid is a benefit program that makes health care coverage affordable. The program is for people with limited incomes and resources. If you qualify, you can sign up at any time.

To find out if you’re eligible, apply. You can apply in a few different ways through HealthSource RI. HealthSource RI runs the Rhode Island health insurance marketplace, where you can search for a health plan.

  1. Apply online at This is the easiest way to apply.
  2. Apply by phone through HealthSource RI at 855-840-4774
  3. Or apply in person at a Department of Human Services office

And good news: There’s help.

Navigators and application counselors are available to talk in person if you want help in your own language and in your local community. Their job is to help you and your family review your options, fill out an application and enroll in a health insurance plan that fits your needs. They may even be able to help you enroll in other programs that can help you and your family.

Want to meet with a navigator?

Search for one near you at HealthSource RI. Then call 211 to make an appointment in your community.

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