Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI)

If your child or teen has a behavioral health (mental health and/or substance use) crisis, you can call a mobile crisis intervention (MCI) team 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help safely stabilize your child.

This team is made up of behavioral health care providers and paraprofessionals who travel to where your child is (e.g., home, school, childcare center) to provide on-site, face-to-face help. The team can stay involved for up to seven days and also support the family by phone.

MCI includes:

  • A crisis assessment
  • Development of a short-term plan to help your child remain in the home and avoid an out-of-home placement or hospitalization
  • Psychiatric consultation and urgent psychopharmacology intervention (as needed)
  • Help getting additional services and support

To find an MCI provider:

  • Call 877-382-1609, anytime, day or night, and enter your zip code. 
  • Have a pen or pencil and piece of paper handy. 
  • Once you enter your zip code, you will get the phone number of the closest Emergency Services Program/Mobile Crisis Intervention that serves you;
Or go to:
  • Scroll down to Youth and Family Services, click on find provider openings, and choose "ESP/MCI" from the drop down menu
  • When choosing a provider, you need to call the provider or us at 888-257-1985 to make sure the provider accepts your insurance. 

Or visit our Find a Doctor, Hospital, or Pharmacy tool: 

  • Search Tool
  • In the upper right section select “location” and put in your town or zip code
  • Select “Places by Type” 
    • For Adults, type in “Emergency Services Programs, (ESP)"
    • For Children and teens type in "Youth Mobile Crisis Intervention"
  • Click on the service from the drop down list
  • Select from the providers listed