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Creating a “Culture of Health” at Your Company

Taking steps to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and encourage loyalty. But beyond the “business” reasons, improving employee wellness is simply the right thing to do. Everyone should have the tools and resources they need to be healthy.

Providing the right tools and resources for your employees is important, but creating a company-wide “culture of health” is more important. Getting employees to eat right, exercise and commit to other positive lifestyle behaviors means creating a work environment that constantly and consistently encourages and rewards good health.

Building a “culture of health” starts at the top. Your company’s leaders and managers must be on board with efforts to help boost employee wellness and help workers find an appropriate work-life balance. Once your company has committed to a “culture of health,” you can offer healthy foods in your cafeteria, start a walking club, build an on-site gym, develop an incentive programs to quit smoking, provide stress management resources – whatever it takes to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Click on the links below to find guides for developing specific employee wellness programs. Taken together, these programs can help you create a “culture of health” at your company:

If you have questions about these guides, contact your Account Manager.


Employee Wellness Programs Do’s and Don’ts

  • Make employee health a part of your company’s mission, business practices and policies.
  • Get support the continued support and involvement of company leaders.
  • Measure the effective of your programs and make adjustments as needed.
  • ​Use focus groups, surveys and regular communication to find out what your employees want from your wellness programs. This will boost engagement and satisfaction.
  • Just offer incentives like cash payments, gift cards or discounts. Access to tools and resources, along with ongoing company support, is more likely to produce long-term behavior change.
  • Rely on short-term and “under the radar” programs like simply sending people to a website or creating a week-long promotion. Employee wellness happens over time through ongoing, well-supported activities and programs.
  • ​Just hire an outside vendor . Many health and wellness vendors can help achieve positive health results for employees, but they must be supported by company management, and their work must be integrated into the total corporate culture.

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