6 Extraordinary Tufts Health Plan Benefits You May Have Missed

Or, everyday ways we make it easy for our members to be healthy and save money

woman stretching at the gym

At Tufts Health Plan, our mission is to improve the health and wellness of the diverse communities we serve. To that end, we offer an outstanding provider network, exceptional care management, and many ways to help employers and their employees control health care costs.

But sometimes the benefits and cost-savings we offer to our members are really perks that make it easier to make healthy choices every day.

Here are 6 benefits to being a Tufts Health Plan member you may have missed

1. A new way to understand the total cost of treatment

We know cost transparency is a critical priority for our members. So we offer a Treatment Cost Estimator to Tufts Health Plan members.1 It’s an incredibly powerful tool that allows our members to understand and compare the total cost of care for every visit and procedure, including follow-up visits.

2. A better way to track benefits: text messages

Because we want to engage our members on the devices they already use, we offer text message alerts to help members stay in touch with their plan benefits. Members can opt-in to receive alerts about free preventive care services, new tools, and discounts. And the mobile-friendly dashboard puts everything they need at their fingertips, accessible right from their phone.

3. Support for every kind of fitness regimen

We take our commitment to supporting healthy living very seriously, so we’ve gone beyond supporting “working out.” Tufts Health Plan members have access to all sorts of discounts on fitness activities, including savings on Spartan Race registrations, on-line fitness classes, and discounts on personal training.

4. Savings at 14,000 health and fitness facilities

The gym isn’t for everyone. So we figure, if our members are dedicated to working out, they deserve to do it for a bit less. Tufts Health Plan has a thorough fitness discount program, with discounts at 14,000 health and fitness facilities, including Boston Sports Clubs, Anytime Fitness, Curves and CorePower Yoga.

5. Build a home gym for less

For those folks who’d prefer to sweat in the comfort (or privacy) of their own home, we’re here to support them too. So we offer Tufts Health Plan members up to 40% savings on home workout equipment.

6. Healthy eating made easier (and more affordable)

Tufts Health Plan members can access the country’s #1 diet program, the scientifically-proven DASH diet at half the price. That’s a pretty good deal for those members who need a solid plan for managing or losing weight.

We make it easy for our members to be healthy every day

At Tufts Health Plan, we know our members are busy. So we do everything possible to help them manage their health and their families’ health. What’s here is just the tip of the iceberg for us — whether it’s expanding our provider network, enhancing our communications, or offering new discounts and perks, we continue to look for ways to make healthy easier for our members every day.

Learn more about Tufts Health Plan's approach to employee health and wellness, and worksite wellness.

  1. Members with commercial and public plans