Switching to Tufts Health Plan: We’ve Got You Covered

At Tufts Health Plan, we believe the key to lower health care costs is better health care

It’s as simple as that. We’re also committed to making it easy for you and your employees to join us at Tufts Health Plan as a customer—and to stay with us.

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The transition to Tufts Health Plan is designed with one thing in mind: you

Just as we have for your employees, we have designed a service experience around the things that matter most for you. Count on us to:

  • Design a health plan offering that’s the exact right fit.
  • Share the news with employees through communications support and on-site employee education.
  • Provide that one-on-one support for employees who need it, whether they’re facing a health challenge or just have a question about their benefits.
  • Answer any questions about premiums or Tufts Health Plan. From 24/7 online access to a dedicated account team, we’ve got you covered.

Assessing your employees’ needs

Our account team takes a consultative approach in recommending benefit solutions that meet your health and wellness goals. You can work with our dedicated implementation team to:

  • Identify major milestones and deliverables.
  • Coordinate vendor integration including legal agreements with third party enrollment, HSAs, or HRAs.
  • Compare plans—quotes are at the ready for copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance.
  • Identify provider gaps—we’ll conduct a provider disruption analysis to identify providers who don’t participate in the Tufts Health Plan network, and establish connections with new ones.
  • Develop co-branded member communication for multiple channels.

Support and onboard your employees with care and respect

Our communications support and on-site visits make open enrollment easier for employees.

Let’s work together to create a co-branded microsite

  • Plan comparisons, summaries of benefits and coverage, and a message from the CEO provide employees with resources they need.
  • Send targeted communication (including translations if requested).

We’d love to get to know you

Face-to-face interactions for education meetings and enrollment can help reduce stress. We’re happy to host on-site and provide member enrollment support at open enrollment fairs.

Set new members at ease

Our “New Member Care Form” helps ensure that no employee is left behind. When it comes to issues such as behavioral health, pregnancy and maternity, or surgery and complex conditions, there’s no room for error. We can help ensure a smooth transition without any service interruption.

Please, ask questions. Our call centers are always ready.

Our call centers are here for account support:

  • Dedicated member services call center.
  • Dedicated call center for employers with e-enrollment and billing questions.
  • A dedicated Account Management team supports post-implementation issues or concerns.

Health and wellness program support

Our care management teams, member services line, and RN hotlines are also here waiting, and dedicated to answering any health questions or concerns members may have.

Sick employees can’t wait. We promise access to private, personalized assistance 24 hours a day.

Robust reporting tools help clients evaluate and manage their plan

Keep an eye on your plan’s impact with Plan Insights.

  • Plan Insights include a summary of findings, health promotion recommendations, cost and utilization comparison data, clinical risk stratification, and client-specific intervention reports.
  • The Clinical Client Intervention Report includes a summary of program participation for care and disease management programs.
  • Disease management and wellness reports include a population summary across all contracted programs with results for the current report month as well as trend.

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