Credentialing and Contracting Overview

Join the Tufts Health Plan Network

Credentialing and contracting are Tufts Health Plan's formal processes for adding providers to the Tufts Health Plan network and ensuring these providers give members quality care consistent with recognized managed care organization industry standards. Tufts Health Plan credentials and contracts with professionally competent providers and facilities who continually meet Tufts Health Plan's qualifications, standards and requirements.

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Refer to the applicable provider page below for instructions on how to join the Tufts Health Plan network:

Important Information

  • In most cases, Tufts Health Plan approves clean and complete (no adverse responses) applications within 30 days of receipt. Applications with missing information or quality issues may take longer. To check the application status, email
  • After the credentialing committee reviews the application, Tufts Health Plan will inform the provider of the credentialing decision in writing.
  • Tufts Health Plan schedules re-credentialing cycles for contracted providers at least every two years to meet regulatory and accreditation guidelines.

For more information about the credentialing and recredentialing processes, refer to the applicable Tufts Health Plan Provider Manual below: