Tufts Health Together Pharmacy

We aim to provide high-quality, cost-effective options for drug therapy.

We work with your providers and pharmacists to make sure we cover the most important and useful drugs for a variety of conditions and diseases.

Covered drugs are FREE for members under the age of 21 with a doctor's prescription. Most members ages 21 and older will have to pay a small copayment for covered prescription drugs.

What drugs are covered?

Tufts Health Together uses a Preferred Drug List (PDL) as our list of covered drugs. To quickly find out if we cover a specific drug, look it up in our PDL. We update the PDL every month. The PDL applies only to drugs you get at retail and specialty pharmacies. The PDL does not apply to drugs you get if you are in the hospital.



We cover first-time prescriptions and refills. We also cover some over-the-counter (OTC) drugs with a doctor’s prescription.

Where can I fill prescriptions?

A pharmacist at a large-chain or independent pharmacy can fill your prescription. You can use our Find a Doctor, Hospital, or Pharmacy tool to find a pharmacy near you.

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