Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Substance Use) Services

Know Your Options

December 19, 2022  

Do you have behavioral health (BH) issues? You’ll want to know your options so you can get the care you need. For example, telehealth may be an easier way to get help for your BH needs. These visits take place on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Many of our health plans also cover Valera. This BH telehealth service is for members 6 years and older. It offers therapy, case management and prescribers for many mental health needs. It also has programs for those with serious mental illness, kids and teens, and maternal health.

To learn more about your BH options:

  • Visit the website listed on your member ID card
  • Call the member services number on your ID card to:
    • Ask about your BH benefits
    • Find in-network BH providers who offer the type of visits you prefer (in person or telehealth)
    • Ask how to sign up for a Safelink phone (if you qualify)