Did you delay getting health care services during the pandemic?

Many people put getting health care services on the back burner while they dealt with life during a pandemic.

June 30, 2022  

But other virus outbreaks have shown us that waiting too long for routine care can lead to problems.

If you put off getting the care you needed, talk with your providers about how you can get back on track. Here are five health care services to make a priority:

1. COVID-19 vaccines and boosters

COVID hasn’t gone away. Most health experts say that the best way to stay safe is to get COVID shots as suggested.

2. Routine vaccinations

Other shots, like measles and shingles, can help you avoid preventable diseases. These vaccines are vital for children.

3. Management of chronic conditions

You need to get ongoing care to treat chronic health problems, like high blood pressure or diabetes.

4. Annual check-ups and screenings

Yearly check-ups are vital even when you feel well. Your provider checks your overall health and screens for problems before they become serious.

5. Mental health screening and treatment

If you’re still feeling a lot of difficult emotions, like stress or anxiety, you may need help. Talk to your provider for support. Or call our member services team at 866-738-4116 (TTY: 711) to find out about your mental health benefits.

Remember, if you have a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to the closest ED.