Online Wellbeing Assessment (WBA)

Reducing health care cost trends

Tufts Health Plan's online Wellbeing Assessment (WBA) is an essential and valuable entry-point to a best-practice workplace health management strategy, proven effective in reducing health care cost trends and improving population health and productivity.

Our cost-effective, online questionnaire provides results which trigger dynamic, personalize content, tools, and guidance in the members' secure website ( This information aligns with their specific health risks, health conditions, and readiness to change

Employer Benefits

  • Provides foundation to help fight rising health care costs
  • Guides tailored, result-oriented programs by targeting key risks factors unique to your population
  • Extends powerful, teachable moments highly conducive to engaging individuals in health improvement programs

Geting the Most Out of a WBA

To optimize WBA effectiveness, we encourage participants to enter recent health measures: height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, HDL, and glucose levels. Using ready-made, downloadable flyers, letters, emails, and more will help you get started and promote your program. Allow at least two months to design the program, develop a communication plan, and gain leadership commitment.



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