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Advantage PPO Saver Plans

Advantage Saver is part of our Advantage suite of deductible HMO and PPO products. The plan design complies with federal regulations for Health Savings Account (HSA)1 compatible high deductible health plans, including:

  • Medical and pharmacy expenses track to single deductible

  • Preventive care is exempt from the deductible

With Advantage Saver, you have the option of adding on an HSA through the bank of yourchoice, giving employees an interest-earning, tax-free fund for health care expenses.

Plan Features

  • A network of more than 29,000 physicians and 91 hospitals.

  • The deductible is waived for certain preventive services, including routine office visits, routine/preventive screenings and immunizations, and well-child care. These services are covered with no cost sharing required.

  • For all other covered services, the deductible is required. Once the deductible (and copays and coinsurance, if applicable, up to the plan’s out-of-pocket maximum) has been satisfied, eligible services are covered at 100%.

For Advantage PPO Saver, out-of-network coverage is available, subject to both deductible and coinsurance.

​Health Savings Account Options

One of the most valuable features of Advantage Saver is that you have the option to add a Health Savings Account (HSA). Employees can use an HSA to pay for qualified expenses (as defined by IRS Publication 502, Section 213(d)) incurred by the employee and his/her eligible dependents. You may use the bank of your choice to add an HSA.

An eligible medical expense is an expense that pays for healthcare services, equipment or medications as described in IRS Publication 502. HSAs can not be used for over-the-counter drugs, unless they are prescribed by the member’s doctor.

In general, the HSA can be used for:

  • Expenses applied to the health plan deductible

  • Dental care services

  • Vision care services

  • Prescription services

  • Over-the-counter medications prescribed by a doctor

  • Certain medical equipment

Note: This a summary of the plan features. Please refer to the benefit document for a detailed explanation of coverage. If there is a difference between the information in this document and the benefit document, the terms of the benefit document will govern.

1The HSA is only available with the Advantage Saver plans—it is incompatible with other plans offered by Tufts Health Plan.

Superior Customer Service

Our Member Services department offers your employees a staff of highly trained professionals. One phone call is all it takes to reach our Member Specialists. They are available to answer members’ questions about the plan and their benefits. We also offer language-translation services and TTY capabilities as needed.

For more information, contact your sales office:

Watertown 800-208-8013 | Worcester 800-208-9545 | Providence 800-455-2012
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