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October 01, 2018  

Headline News from Tufts Health Plan

Corporate news featured in the October 2018 Marketplace Update

October 01, 2018  

Tools to Help Employees Reach Their Health Goals

Exclusive members-only tools available to your employees

October 01, 2018  

Immediate Care Options Fit Employees' Busy Lifestyle

Tufts Health Plan offers 4 different immediate care options

October 01, 2018  

Clinical Enhancements Support Your Employees' Health

5 disease management clinical enhancements for members

October 01, 2018  

Our Treatment Cost Estimator and Provider Search Tool

Our "all-in-one" tool lets you shop for health care just like you do for anything else

October 01, 2018  

Worksite Flu Clinic Options

Compare options for on-site flu clinics at your workplace

October 01, 2018  

Do More In Less Time With Our Employer Portal

How to get all your health plan business done quickly and efficiently

October 01, 2018  

Legislative Updates

Recent updates as of October 2018

October 01, 2018  

Coverage Now Available for Groundbreaking New Cancer Treatment

We are proud to offer coverage for a new cancer treatment known as CAR-T therapy

October 01, 2018  

Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage

A reminder about the federal law for employer groups

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