A Choice of Networks

Something for Everyone

Different clients have different needs—especially when it comes to the kind of provider network that fits their workforce. That's why we offer a choice of network designs.

Full Network

Our full network includes more than 51,000 health care professionals and 110 hospitals across all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The network also extends into parts of Maine, Vermont, New York and Connecticut.

Select Network (MA only)

Our Select Network is considered one of the largest limited networks in Massachusetts, comprising more than 55 premier hospitals and 21,000 providers. Clients who choose our Select Network can save up to 12% compared to the same plan design with our full network.

Limited networks have become increasingly popular as employer groups increasingly seek out lower-cost alternatives. One way to lower the prices of our plans is to limit the number of hospitals and doctors in our network and renegotiate provider costs in return for a potentially higher volume of patients.

National Coverage

We offer two solutions for national coverage through our relationship with Cigna: CareLink and the Cigna Out-of-Area PPO network.

The CareLink network includes both the Tufts Health Plan network and the Cigna Open Access Plus network for in-network and out-of-network benefits. The CareLink network has a total of more than 977,000 practitioners and 6,300 facilities.

The Cigna Out-of-Area PPO provides access to Cigna’s national PPO network for in-network benefits. This network includes more than 800,000 practitioners and 6,000 facilities.

For more information about our national network solutions, contact your account representative.



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