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Am I covered for COVID-19 testing?

There are no costs to any Tufts Health Plan members for medically necessary COVID-19 testing. We’ve also waived member copayments, deductibles and coinsurance for COVID-19 treatment as well. For the latest information about COVID-19, click the Learn More button at the top of this page.  

The pandemic closed my company; what do I do about health insurance?

We understand the sudden loss of health insurance is one of the most frightening aspects of losing your job. For eight ideas that might help, ­click here.

What do I do if I don’t have COVID-19, but still feel sick? 

It’s best to call your provider to discuss your symptoms and determine the best course of action. Many are “seeing” patients through telehealth; we’ve also waived out-of-pocket costs for telehealth visits, including telephone consultations.  Call your doctor to see if they can provide you with a telehealth visit or whether under the circumstances, they recommend you go in for a visit. 

I’ve heard there is anti-body testing available - where can I get tested?

We understand that people have many questions regarding potential use of antibody testing. As of May 15, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) website states, "we do not know if the antibodies that result from SARS-CoV-2 infection will provide someone with immunity from a future infection. If antibodies do provide immunity, we don’t know what titer or amount of antibodies would be protective or the duration that protection would last." The Massachusetts Department of Health guidelines issued May 13 state, "At this time, antibody testing should not be used to guide release from isolation or for return to work purposes and are not indicated for diagnostic purposes."

Please contact your PCP or other healthcare provider to determine whether testing is appropriate for you. For Medicare members, COVID-19 testing may be ordered by any state-authorized health care professional. We will continue to update this guideline as new guidance is issued.

Members are covered without cost share for COVID-19 testing, including antibody testing, when testing is determined by a primary care physician (PCP) or other treating provider to be medically necessary in accordance with current CDC and state public health department guidelines, which are being continuously updated.