6 Digital Tools to Connect You to Your Health Plan

When was the last time you used your smartphone? Maybe a couple of minutes ago? With today’s technology, the things we can accomplish in the palm of our hands is astounding. At Tufts Health Plan, we’re looking for ways to help you manage your health when it’s easy and convenient for you.  

With a suite of digital tools, you can access your health plan securely through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

1. Mobile App: Your Plan In Your Pocket

Health plan? There’s an app for that.

The Tufts Health Plan mobile app makes it easy for you to check claims, costs, benefits, and more. A comprehensive doctor search and cost estimator lets you find a doctor in your network when you’re on the go.

Plus, the app stores a digital version of your member ID, which means you can keep one more card out of your wallet. Download the app for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

2. Secure Member Portal: See Your Plan in One Place

When you take a few minutes to create a Tufts Health Plan account, you’ll be able to see all the details of your plan in one, secure place.

Review claims, confirm referrals, check drug costs, and more. Spend some time and get to know your benefits, and feel confident that you can access your plan anytime.

3. Treatment Cost Estimator & Provider Search: Plan Ahead

Imagine having to track the cost of every provider and procedure you intend to have. That would take a lot of extra time.

Thankfully, the cost estimator and provider search tool does the work for you. Search for any of the following to find an estimated cost and timeline of care:

  • Doctor
  • Treatment
  • Facility
  • Service
  • Health condition

This can help you plan ahead and know what to expect to pay.

4. MyRewards: Get Up to $500 in Rewards per Year

Save money and get rewarded when you choose a quality hospital or doctor that charges less for the same services.

To get started, use the doctor search in your member portal or mobile app and look for listings with a green trophy.

You could get up to $500 in rewards per year just by choosing a lower cost hospital, doctor, or service. Rewards are distributed in gift cards worth $50 to $100.

5. Telehealth: Talk to a Doctor Anytime, Anywhere

Ever wish you could call a therapist from home in your pajamas? Or maybe you’re traveling, and you need to speak with a doctor. With the Telehealth app, you can.

One of our members even used it in the grocery store. Telehealth, powered by Teladoc, is a convenient, affordable way to speak with a doctor, dermatologist, or therapist for non-emergency medical conditions.

6. MyWire: Get Texts About Your Plan

Sometimes, getting a text is just easier. With MyWire, you can opt-in to get text messages on your smartphone.

That way, whenever you have an important message waiting, like a reminder about flu shots or member discounts, you’ll know about it. To opt-in, text THP to 73529.

To learn more about each digital tool offering, visit tuftshealthplan.com/digitaltools.