Corporate Citizenship

Actions Matter

Good Corporate Citizenship is how businesses conduct their work responsibly, engage in community, contribute to society and protect the environment to make the world better. It is acting as a good corporate neighbor.

We see our corporate citizenship work as acting on what we hear – recognizing that to build more age-friendly communities – and to address the social determinants of health, we must listen and learn from those closest to the issues that adversely affect communities.

As a new decade unfolds, we’re redoubling our commitment to living our values: advancing diversity, equity and inclusion through grassroots work; championing sustainable initiatives; expanding our products and services to promote health equity. In these ways, we demonstrate duty and urgency as we take actions in the communities we serve.

We’re proud of a work environment that honors differences, listens to members and engages community. Our commitment to communities works in tandem with our commitment to innovative, high-quality health care coverage.

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