Corporate Citizenship

Communities Lead

Good Corporate Citizenship is how businesses conduct their work responsibly, engage in community, contribute to society and protect the environment to make the world better. It is acting as a good corporate neighbor.

2020 reinforced our steadfast belief that communities know what they need and that the most important work we do is to listen and support solutions to address those needs.

Throughout the year, we focused on staying responsive, flexible and relevant amid a relentless tide of crises. Our 2020 Corporate Citizenship Report highlights how we acted to respond to: COVID-19, Racial Justice and Civic Action.

Together with our Foundation, we helped fight the pandemic, lift up voices against systemic racism, fuel grassroots work on the national census and more.

Our commitment to communities works in tandem with our commitment to innovative, high-quality health care coverage.

  • Read about our Corporate Citizenship initiatives in our new report: Communities Lead
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