Corporate Citizenship

Creating a Shared Future

Good corporate citizenship is at the heart of everything we do at Point32Health.

It’s business practices focused on equity and inclusion, products and services addressing health disparities, and community engagement that is relevant and responsive.

It’s living our values and working with diverse communities to build toward a shared vision—eliminating barriers to improve health and well-being for everyone

Read our 2022 Corporate Citizenship Report to learn more.

  • Read about our Corporate Citizenship initiatives in our new report: Creating a Shared Future
  • Request sponsorship support from the Point32Health family of companies
    Please note: We receive more requests than resources available, but welcome the opportunity to review your request. Please submit by November 1 for events in the following year.
  • Let us know how Point32Health employees can volunteer for your organization
  • Visit Point32Health Foundation website to learn more about our grants and how to apply