Environmental Sustainability

It's how we operate

By investing in cleaner, greener energy use, we are reducing our carbon footprint. That’s good business, but it’s also good for the air, water, and climate shared by everyone. A measure of how committed we are to achieving this goal: our Watertown office has been recognized for 10 years in a row as an Energy Star building. This honor is only given to companies scoring in the top 25% among their peers.  

Dozens of energy savings programs, from motion detector lighting to hot water recirculation to indoor air quality improvements, have earned the company a reputation in the community as a leader in energy management.

Employees are also taking advantage of benefits aimed at decreasing environmental impact during the daily commute. Through the company’s parking incentive policy, more than 200 employees receive $100 per month for not driving to work. Other benefits include carpooling assistance, bicycle parking, preferred parking for hybrid vehicles, and charging stations for electric cars. These efforts have earned Tufts Health Plan the highest award from Massachusetts Excellence in Commuter Options.

Local Change, Global Impact

Over the past two years, energy programs at Tufts Health Plan have saved:

  • 1,488 trees
  • 34,133 gallons of oil
  • 350,080 kilowatt hours of energy
  • 612,640 gallons of water
  • 5,251 pounds of water polluting waste
  • 289 cubic yards of landfill space