An Important Message Regarding the Stop & Shop Strike

Store pharmacies expected to remain open

April 12, 2019  

Although some stores have closed due to the strike, store pharmacies are expected to remain open. Members not wishing to fill prescriptions at Shop & Stop pharmacies during the strike can select an alternate pharmacy and ask them to reach out to Stop & Shop to have prescriptions transferred.

Additional Information

Can I still fill my prescriptions at a Stop & Shop Pharmacy?
Yes. Stop & Shop pharmacies are expected to remain open. Should a store front be locked, it may be necessary to knock on the front door for a store manager who will escort you to the store pharmacy to fill your prescription.

I have a prescription on file at Stop & Shop. If I want to fill my prescriptions at a different pharmacy, do I need to get a new prescription?
Contact your new pharmacy and provide them with your present Stop & Shop pharmacy information so your prescription(s) can be transferred. Only if your prescription has expired would you need a new one, otherwise your new pharmacy can request a transfer.

How can I find the nearest retail pharmacy?
Members can choose from retail chain stores, independent pharmacies, and designated specialty pharmacies, in addition to the following CVS Pharmacy® locations:
MA CVS Pharmacies
RI CVS Pharmacies

I have a prescription ready to be picked up, but I don't want to while the strike is ongoing. What should I do?
Contact your Stop & Shop pharmacy to tell them you will not be picking up your prescription. You can then call or go to your new pharmacy and request your prescription be transferred. Make sure you have your old pharmacy information handy, in addition to the drug name.