Innovative Nutrition Program Now Available to Rhode Island Tufts Health Plan Medicaid Beneficiaries

Good Measures program combines expertise of registered dietitians with digital technology to support members dealing with various health conditions

November 14, 2018  

Providence, RI – Tufts Health Plan is offering its Medicaid RITogether members access to a mobile health coaching service designed for convenient and effective nutrition and health coaching support.

Good Measures combines the support of one-on-one, registered dietitian coaches with digital technology. It is an innovative way to help Tufts Health RITogether members manage health conditions, lose weight, take control of a food allergy or feel better.

“This program helps our members adhere to their physician’s nutritional recommendations in an alternative manner,” said Juan Lopera, Tufts Health Plan’s vice president for public plans marketing. “Good Measures combines personal coaching with a registered dietitian and the convenience of a mobile app. Coaches design personal programs for members based on what they want to work on.”

Good Measures can help members improve and manage many health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, asthma, high cholesterol and more.  Living with the devastating conditions stemming from diabetes is a reality for nine percent of Rhode Island’s adult population, according to the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Good Measures is offered at no cost for Tufts Health RITogether members. Good Measures is customized to everyone’s nutrition needs, medical conditions, culture, food preferences, and budget, which increases and sustains engagement. Members work with their coaches toward specific health goals, from making better food choices to reducing or eliminating the need for certain medicines. Members can connect with their coaches by phone or online — days, evenings, or weekends — whenever it is convenient.

For more information about eligibility or to learn more about Good Measures or Tufts Health Plan/RITogether, visit or call 844-398-9510.  Tufts Health Plan has a minority ownership interest in Good Measures.

About Good Measures

An innovator in nutrition science, Good Measures provides breakthrough technology and clinical coaching to help people improve eating and exercise habits for better health. The company’s high-tech, high-touch approach yields industry-leading engagement rates that help individuals better manage their weight and medical conditions, slow disease progression, and feel good.

Good Measures works with health plans, employers, and providers to deliver programs to prevent chronic illness. To learn more visit Find us on Facebook (Good Measures), Twitter (@goodmeasures), and LinkedIn.