Business Resource Groups

The Tufts Health Plan Business Resource Groups (BRGs) were created to help promote an inclusive and open environment, drive cultural awareness, and promote equity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond. Their activities include networking events and mentoring connections, ongoing educational opportunities, and volunteering and outreach in the communities we serve.The BRGs also work with the Tufts Health Plan Foundation to identify and provide mini-grants to non-profit organizations in the local community.

Veterans & Military

The Veterans & Military BRG strives to build a diverse community for all current and former military service members and military allies while establishing an inclusive environment to help employees build a career, share experiences and become thought leaders at Tufts Health Plan.

Pictured here: Veterans & Military Business Resource Group
Pictured here: Veterans & Military Business Resource Group

Parallel-Disability Advocates

The Parallel-Disability Advocates promote understanding and raise awareness of people with disabilities through acceptance, inclusion, representation and access to accommodations. The goals of Parallel-Disability Advocates are to dispel myths and misconceptions of people with physical and non-visible disabilities and to create a supportive and accommodating workplace without barriers.


The mission of the Multicultural BRG, known as Mosaic, is to leverage each employee’s multicultural background for business growth, provide resources for career advancement, encourage professional development and mentorship, and foster cross-cultural understanding.


The LGBTQ and Allies BRG, known as Prism, exists to foster an equitable and inclusive working environment where LGBTQ employees, and their allies, feel a sense of community, opportunity and ability to be their authentic selves. Prism’s diversity contributes to the successful achievement of Tufts Health Plan’s mission and strategic priorities.

Women Together

The Women's BRG, known as Women Together, is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive environment that supports and empowers women to advance in their personal and professional lives, create connections, engage in the community, and contribute to the company’s efforts to attract and retain successful women.