Utilization Management Review (Care Coordination)

Tufts Health Public Plans

Our utilization management (UM) aftercare services help your Tufts Health Plan patients receive the care and services they need after they leave an acute, sub-acute, or skilled-nursing facility; transitional care unit; or rehabilitation setting. 

Our utilization care managers work to:

  • Identify and provide appropriate care coordination to your Tufts Health Plan patients who would benefit from interventions
  • Ensure your Tufts Health Plan patients know and understand their conditions
  • Assist your Tufts Health Plan patients with follow-up appointments post hospitalization
  • Educate your Tufts Health Plan patients and their family members about self-managing their disease
  • Provide medication reconciliation
  • Provide individualized and integrated care to each of your Tufts Health Plan
  • Identify incidences of and develop interventions to improve under- and overused services
  • Improve your Tufts Health Plan patients’ overall health

You can refer a Tufts Health Plan patient for UM aftercare without getting prior authorization. Call us at 888-257-1985.