Mind the Moment for Providers

Mindfulness programming to support clinicians and hospital staff

No one can deny that the work of clinicians and hospital staff is incredibly stressful: long hours; supporting patients through periods of pain and suffering; staffing shortages; and, of course, the host of even newer traumas introduced by the pandemic. It is no surprise, then, that burn-out and “compassion fatigue” are frequently cited as obstacles to healthcare professionals being able to bring their best selves to their work. And while there is no one solution to tackling the intricate challenges faced by healthcare professionals, mindfulness-based practices offer a clear, practical, and evidence-based tool for managing the chaos, and even enhancing well-being in the midst of it.

Our experts offer mindfulness programs for clinicians and hospital staff include MDs, researchers, and trainers who have been working in the healthcare field for decades. Working with your stakeholders, we will design a program that best suits the needs of your employees. Components may include:

  • Seminars for all staff members
  • Half-day or full-day retreats for clinicians
  • Live or pre-recorded centering exercises for staff on the go
  • Train-the-trainer strategies, in which internal champions are taught to lead simple, immediately impactful mindfulness exercises for their colleagues

Many of these offerings can be outfitted to provide Continuing Education Units to participants as well. To learn more about this program, click the "Email Us" button at the top right and we will be in touch.


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