Diversity and Inclusion

At Tufts Health Plan, diversity is part of our mission: “to improve the health and wellness of the diverse communities we serve.”

We recognize diversity to be a key driver of innovation to deliver high-quality products, services and experiences for our members.

A Shift in Demographics
The shift in demographics across our region is clear indication that diversity is not only part of our mission, but also critical to our business growth. For example, 52 percent of residents in Massachusetts’ Suffolk County identify as ethnically diverse. Similarly, Worcester County (MA) and Providence County (RI) are growing as “majority-minority” communities.

Businesses are employing an increasingly diverse workforce. Research shows that disparities exist, and therefore, so does the opportunity to improve the delivery of care for these ethnically diverse communities, LGBTQ members, people with disabilities and veterans.

Tufts Health Plan’s Business Diversity Program
Tufts Health Plan has established a company-wide Business Diversity Program centered on enhancing the experience for our diverse members. The program demonstrates how diversity and inclusion are core elements of Tufts Health Plan’s mission, values and corporate strategy.

For more on Tufts Health Plan’s Business Diversity Program, click here.

For information on Transgender services covered by Tufts Health Plan (including gender-affirming surgery, hormone therapy, and behavioral health services related to a member’s gender identity), click here.

For information on cultural competency and training opportunities for providers, click here.

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