Register for Secure Access to our Provider Portal

For Providers Contracted with Commercial Plans, Medicare Preferred or Tufts Health Plan SCO

Reasons to Register

Powerful Transaction Capabilities

Our Web-based self-service application suite offers several transactions, including:

  • Claims status inquiry: Enter basic member or claim-specific data and obtain detailed claim status information
  • Eligibility and benefit inquiry: Enter basic member identification data and obtain a concise, online eligibility report and member-specific benefits
  • Referral submission: Submit referrals online directly to Tufts Health Plan and instantaneously receive a referral authorization
  • Referral inquiry: Check the status of submitted referrals and high-tech imaging authorizations
  • Inpatient notification requests: Obtain a real-time inpatient notification number instead of using the phone or fax
  • Online claim adjustments: Correct claims, submit payment disputes, and return funds
  • InterQual® SmartSheets™: Access criteria to support care planning and level-of-care decisions and SmartSheets to request prior authorization for some services
  • Clinical Quality Management reporting to track patient disease management

To register:

Go to the secure Provider website log-in page and click "Register here". Determine the type of registration you need to complete. To add an additional provider or providers to your existing account, click “I need additional access” or to register a new account, click “Continue with registration”.

You will need the following information to add additional providers or create a new account:

  • NPI (National Provider Identification)
  • One of the following:
    • Tax ID number (group registrations)
    • Social Security Number (individual registrations)
  • Information from two recent claims submitted by the provider

Select Your Role

If you are registering to be the SAA of the NPI entered and there is already an NPI in place, you must select “Replace current SAA” or “Cancel to start over” and select a different role.

Are you registering as the provider or on behalf of the provider?

If you are registering as the provider, select “Provider”
  • You will need to enter the last four digits of your SSN or your TIN
If you are registering on behalf of the provider, select “On behalf of provider”
  • You will need to provide one of the following to continue:
    • Last four digits of the provider’s SSN
    • The provider’s TIN
    • Information from two recent claims submitted to THP by the provider

Complete the account information page

  • If you are the provider, you will need to answer security questions to validate your identity. Once you complete the questions correctly, you will be able to access the secure provider portal.
  • If you are registering on behalf of the provider, you will be required to list the provider’s email address. An email will be sent to the provider requesting he/she approve or reject your request. The provider will also be asked to answer security information to validate his or her identity. If the request is approved, you will receive an email indicating you may now access the secure provider portal.

Have questions?

Call Provider Services at 888.884.2404 
weekdays 8:30am - 5:00pm. 
Or email us for technical assistance.

For Providers Contracted with Tufts Health Public Plans

How to register

All Tufts Health Public Plan providers can sign up for Tufts Health Provider Connect. You can follow these simple steps to enjoy the cost- and time-savings of one-stop access to member eligibility, claims, authorization information, and panel reports.

Five steps to register

You must complete all five steps to access Tufts Health Provider Connect. You can quickly register multiple users simultaneously. There’s no need to register each user separately.

Since you will access protected health information (PHI), do not share your username or password with others.

You can also see our Tufts Health Provider Connect User Guide for step-by-step instructions on using Tufts Health Provider Connect in your practice.

1. Begin the registration process

Click on the registration button below to open the HealthTrio Connect sign-in page in another window. Next, click on the “Providers” icon in the top right-hand corner.

On the Healthcare Provider Registration screen, if you have a HealthTrio Connect user ID with another health plan, enter your current HealthTrio Connect user ID and password, and click on the “Next” button. If you don’t currently have a HealthTrio Connect user ID, click on the “No User ID” button to continue.

On the next screen, select “Tufts Health Plan” from the drop-down list and click on “Next.”

2. Set up your account information

If you already have a HealthTrio Connect user ID, you will not be prompted to enter your name, organization, address, and email address.

If you do not already have a HealthTrio Connect user ID, you will be prompted to enter identifying information such as your name, organization, address, email address, and to choose a password. Click on the “Next” button to move to the next registration page.

Follow the helpful tips and instructions at the top of each registration page to complete the online registration process for you and your office staff.

3. Sign the online User Agreement

Print, read, and sign the User Agreement, and have someone legally authorized to sign contracts for your office sign it. Please note: After printing the User Agreement, click on the “Finish” button for confirmation that “registration process completed.”

PLEASE NOTE: If you have used our online services in the past, you still need to register for Tufts Health Provider Connect to continue conducting claims, eligibility, authorization, and referral transactions online. Our online provider services are now available via Tufts Health Provider Connect only. Complete the online registration process by clicking on the “Register” button at the bottom of this page. Within five business days of your registration, we will send you an account activation e-mail.

Please keep a record of your Tufts Health Provider Connect password and user ID for future use.

4. Attach and send documentation

Attach the signed Tufts Health Provider Connect User Agreement and mail or fax to us.

5. Wait for e-mail notification

When we get your completed paperwork, we’ll send you an email telling you that you can log in. This should happen within five business days.

PLEASE NOTE: You can review our Tufts Health Provider Connect User Guide even before we send you the e-mail confirmation.

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