Provider Credentialing

Please review how to join our network for information regarding obtaining a contract with us. Once that is complete, please follow the process below:

Here’s how it works:

How to correct erroneous information submitted by another party: If we obtain or receive information during the credentialing process that varies substantially from the information you provided in your application, we will notify you of the discrepancy. You have the right to review any information submitted in support of your credentialing application and to correct erroneous information other parties give us (excluding peer-review information). Please submit your corrections to the Credentialing Department within 10 days of receipt by emailing Refer to Practitioner Rights for additional rights.

After our credentialing committee reviews your application, we will let you know of our credentialing decision in writing.

Please refer to the appropriate Tufts Health Public Plans Provider Manual for more information about our credentialing processes:

We complete 95 percent of physician (no adverse responses) applications within 30 days of receipt of a clean, complete application. To check the status of your application, please email