Clinical Programs - Asthma Program

Tufts Health Plan’s Asthma Program includes the following goals for health management for adult and pediatric members:

  •  To improve self-management skills to achieve optimal asthma control
  •  To maintain normal activity levels and reduce exacerbations
  •  To minimize the need for emergency room visits and hospitalization

Member Identification

  •  Predictive modeling is used to identify members who are at risk for uncontrolled asthma based on their medication utilization patterns, emergency room use, or inpatient admissions.
  •  Using Eliza speech recognition technology, outreach calls to members support identification of potential members for nurse care manager outreach. Referral to the program is based on the member’s assessment responses.
  •  Members also may be directly referred to the program by physicians, care managers, and self-referral.


Member education and coaching include the following components:

  •  Identification and management of asthma triggers, the purpose and action of each medication, the importance of taking medication properly, and managing medication supply
  •  Recognizing when asthma is worsening
  •  An individual asthma action plan that includes self-monitoring to assess the level of asthma control, self-monitoring devices and tracking, and active/passive smoking
  •  Regular provider follow-up, and the importance of open, honest communication

If you would like additional information on the Asthma Program, please call the Tufts Health Priority Care line at 888.766.9818 ext. 53532.

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