Acute Behavioral Health Services for Children

Tufts Health RITogether

The following services represent the highest level of service intensity based on a member’s need for either a locked or staff-secured 24-hour clinical setting that offers full behavioral health management.

  • Emergency Service Intervention
  • Observation/Crisis Stabilization/Holding Bed
  • Inpatient Acute Hospitalization
  • Acute Residential Treatment

Click here for the complete Provider Tool for Tufts Health Rhode Island Together Behavioral Health Prior Authorization (PA) and Notification Grid

For additional details about covered behavioral health services, please see our Provider Manual.

For additional questions, please contact  us:

  • The Rhode Island Provider Services phone number: 844.301.4093
  • The Rhode Island Provider Services fax number: 857.304.6403

Release of information

Your Tufts Health Plan patients must complete the Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information (PDF) so you can coordinate care by sharing their health information.

When your Tufts Health Plan patients consent to letting primary care and behavioral health providers share information, complete the Combined MCE Behavioral Health Provider/Primary Care Provider Communication Form (PDF)