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We use the ASAM Criteria, designed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, as clinical guides to improve assessment and outcomes-driven treatment and recovery services for members. ASAM criteria are a collection of objective guidelines that give providers and clinicians a way to standardize treatment planning and patient placement for treatment, as well as how to provide continuing, integrated care and ongoing service planning.

ASAM Criteria use “multidimensional” assessments and guide treatment professionals, and intensity of treatment “levels” of cares that connect to each other to act as benchmarks. Members can move through levels, depending on unique needs. In addition ASAM Criteria use separate criteria and levels of care benchmarks for adults and adolescents.


Refer to ASAM Introduction Fact Sheet

Importantly, purchase of The ASAM Criteria, Treatment Criteria for Addictive, Substance-Related and Co-Occurring Conditions, Third Edition, 2013 is highly recommended for providers to have on hand.

Refer to the Tufts Health Rhode Island Together Behavioral Health Prior Authorization (PA) and Notification Grid for prior authorization and notification requirements.


ASAM Level 3.7 Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Services
Provide a planned and structured regimen of 24-hour professionally directed evaluation, observation, medical monitoring, and addiction treatment in an inpatient setting.
ASAM Level 3.5 Clinically Managed High Intensity Residential Services
Level 3.5 provides a structured, therapeutic community environment focused on addressing member life skills, reintegration into the community, employment, education, and recovery.
Level 3.3 Short-Term Clinically Managed-High Intensity Residential Services
Level 3.3 provides a non-acute residential level of care that focuses on member stabilization, integration, employment, education, and recovery. A component of member treatment may focus on habilitation due to discharge from institutional level of care.
Level 3.1 Clinically Managed Low-Intensity Residential Services
Level 3.1 treatment is characterized by services such as individual, group and family therapy; medication management; and psychoeducation. Services facilitate the application of recovery skills, relapse prevention, and emotional coping strategies.

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