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The following services represent an array of programs and services that offer comprehensive and coordinated diagnostic, clinical and educational services that may vary in intensity level according to the needs of the member served. Intermediate services offer a fully integrated behavioral health treatment aspect that includes a multi-disciplinary team approach supported by psychiatry when appropriate.

Partial hospitalization (PHP)
PHP is a short-term, comprehensive, multidisciplinary behavioral health program that promotes and maintains a therapeutic milieu/community. The PHP is an alternative to or step-down from inpatient care.
Day/evening treatment
A structured program focused on enhancing current levels of function and skills while maintaining community living. Adult members who no longer require active medically based services may have significant residual symptoms that require extended interventions to address recovery. The services provided include: individual and family behavioral health therapies; psychosocial and adjunctive treatment modalities including rehabilitative, pre-vocation and life skill services to enable the member to attain adequate functioning in the community.
Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP)
A clinically structured outpatient program for members offering short-term day, evening, or combination which consists of intensive treatment within a stable therapeutic milieu for those members who can be safely treated in a less intense setting than a partial, day or evening program, but require a higher level of intensity then that available in outpatient therapy. IOP’s primary treatment modality is group therapy which supports positive and safe communication and interactions in a supportive therapeutic milieu.
Traditional outpatient services
Clinical services inclusive of individual, group, family, crisis intervention, diagnostic evaluation, psychological testing, and medication evaluation and management. Treatment can be conducted in an office, home-based or community setting.
For those with severe and persistent mental illness, Clubhouse has community structure, led by peers, evidence based practice, recovery model with focus on employment, wellness and development of a community support network.
Medication assisted treatment
Includes Methadone Maintenance (including Opioid Tx Program), Buprenorphine, and Suboxone Tx.

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