Integrated Health Home and Assertive Community Treatment Programs - Adult

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Integrated Health Home (IHH) and the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) programs are specialized services to more effectively address the complex needs of members with severe mental illness (es). The Programs deliver recover-oriented care, addressing all clinical needs, both behavioral and medical. These specialized IHH and ACT programs are responsible for ensuring integration of care which includes coordinating an eligible member’s comprehensive health care needs including physical health, mental health, substance use and social supports.  

IHH and ACT Programs are supported by the Rhode Island Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals (BHDDH), and carried out by BHDDH designated  and licensed Community Mental Health Organizations (CMHOs).

BHDDH manages the initial identification of potential Member participants, adults 18 years or older, by their diagnostic characteristics, specifically a primary DMS V.ICD-10 mental health diagnosis, as well as the eligibility for  IHH and/or ACT based on the member’s appropriate level of acuity score as defined by the State approved standardized assessment tool Daily Living Activities Functional Assessment (DLA). Tufts Health Plan will manage transitions of care for the member back to the community, overall monitoring and evaluation.  

Mental Health Psychiatric Rehabilitative Residential (group home and supportive housing) (MHPRR)

MHPRR are licensed residential programs that provide 24-hour staffing for a sub-population of the Integrated Health Home (IHH) clients.

Eligible members are defined as having persistent and severe impairments resulting from extreme persistent disabilities. Members require on-site supervision and support to monitor their activities of daily living skills addressing basic needs, and overall coordination and monitoring of their medical and psychiatric treatment needs, based on a treatment plan. A physician must authorize all MHPRR services. BHDDH maintains a priory list for MHPRR residential admission.

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