Your Care Plan

Each Tufts Health Unify member is different. We work with you and your care manager to create a unique care plan that meets your needs.

The first step in creating your Individualized Care Plan (ICP) is the in-home assessment by your care manager. You will receive this visit within 90 days of joining Tufts Health Unify. This visit helps us learn more about you and your health and support service needs. You will have an opportunity to ask questions to ensure you understand how the plan works. You or your authorized representative will have an opportunity to review and approve the care plan.

The care plan is flexible and can change as your needs change. Your care manager will stay in touch with you and your care team so that we can help you with those changes and make sure you get the right services.

You can access and edit your care plan 24/7 on your member portal. Having easy access to it allows you and your care team to manage and coordinate your care better. To review your care plan simply log in to your member portal (link opens outside Tufts Health Plan's website) and click on “Care Plans” under the “My Health” tab.

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