How the Philips Device Recall May Affect You

In June 2021, Philips Respironics recalled certain sleep apnea and ventilator devices.

October 12, 2021  

The recall was due to potential health issues linked to the type of foam used in the devices. Tufts Health Plan wants members to know what steps we’re taking to support those affected by the recall.

About the recall

All of the recalled devices were made prior to April 26, 2021. They were recalled for two reasons:

  • The foam may break down into particles. The user may then ingest or inhale them.
  • The foam may give off certain chemicals in the form of a gas.

The particles and gas may harm members. They also may cause other health issues.

What members should do

If you use a Philips device that may be part of this recall:

  • Find the serial number on your device
  • Visit the Philips website and see if your device is on the list of recalled devices
  • Follow the instructions on the site to register your device. Philips will keep you informed of updates, fixes and new instructions.
  • If your device is recalled, you can start a claim for a replacement

Philips urges users to talk with their provider before they stop using their device. Your provider can talk with you about whether you should keep using the device until you get a replacement.

To learn more about the recall:

  • Go to the Philips website
  • Call Philips at 877-907-7508
  • Read the FAQs posted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

What we are doing to help

We want you to know how your health plan coverage applies to the recall.

If your device is more than five years old

Your plan covers replacement of durable medical devices and equipment. Ask your provider to contact us for a new authorization.

If your device is less than five years old

  • Philips is responsible for providing you with a replacement or follow-up instructions. Make sure you register your device on the Philips website.
  • If your provider feels that it is medically necessary for you to continue using your recalled device and that you need a replacement before Philips can provide one to you, your provider may send us a prior authorization request. We will review these requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • Replacement devices may not be covered if you get a device on your own and submit a claim for reimbursement.

If you have questions, please call Member Services at 888-275-1985.