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September 30, 2021  

The Pandemic Isn't Over Yet!

There's still time to get the vaccine

August 17, 2021  

The Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet!

Here’s How to Stay Healthy and Informed

June 30, 2021  

Reliable Facts About the Vax

Do you still have questions about the vaccine?

June 30, 2021  

Still Deciding About Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine?

We’re making great progress in the fight against COVID-19.

June 30, 2021  

Three Ways to Take Care of Your Emotional Health

The pandemic has been hard on all of us.

May 07, 2021  

What you Need to Know About the COVID-19 Vaccine

People age 16 and older who live, work or go to school in Rhode Island can now get the COVID-19 vaccine. Getting a vaccine is one of the best ways we can help protect ourselves and our families. It will also help us end the pandemic and get back to normal life.

March 31, 2021  

Well Child Visits are Safe—and Important!

Many parents stopped taking their kids to their health care provider when the pandemic hit. That means that many kids did not go to their scheduled well child visit with their provider.

December 30, 2020  

Kids Need Their Shots During the Pandemic

Parents listening to public health warnings may be keeping their kids at home as much as possible.

December 30, 2020  

Make this the Year

Tired of making New Year’s resolutions and giving up in a matter of weeks? We can help!

December 30, 2020  

Access Your Health Plan 24/7

We know health is a top concern, especially during the pandemic. So, we’re launching a new member portal that can help you manage your health plan!

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