Visit Your Providers from Home Through Telehealth

You can now visit providers without going to their offices.

June 30, 2020  

Most providers now offer telehealth services by phone or video chat. This means you can see your provider from the comfort of home. At the same time, you limit your exposure to the COVID-19. Your health plan covers these services until further notice.

Telehealth visits may be a good option when you need:

  • A wellness visit
  • A prescription
  • Care for an urgent concern
  • Mental health care
  • Skin care

You need a telephone, smartphone, tablet or computer to have a telehealth visit.

Here’s how it works:

  • Call your provider’s office to see if he or she offers telehealth
  • Schedule a telehealth visit
  • Ask what steps you need to follow to connect with your provider

Prepare for your telehealth visit the same way you would for an in-person visit. Making a list of what you want to talk about is a good place to start.

Questions about how to connect? Call your provider’s office.

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